Swedish Complementary

Welcome to the complementary Swedish lessons at the Scandinavian school in Madrid!


The Scandinavian school in Madrid offers Swedish language tuition for children from 6 years onwards and who attend Spanish or International schools and has at least one parent who is a Swedish citizen.


The purpose of these classes is to help students maintain and further develop their knowledge in the Swedish language and to learn more about Sweden. Through these classes the students should be given the opportunity to develop their spoken and written language so that they become active bilingual or multilingual and gain confidence in their language ability so they can express themselves in different contexts and for different purposes. The classes follow an established syllabus from the National Agency of Education.


The course comprises two 60-minute lessons a week during the school year.
Schedules: Thursdays 6-8 pm or Saturdays 11 am to 1.30 pm


For more information write an email to kompletterandesvenska@escandinavo.com


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