Welcome to the Scandinavian School in Madrid!

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The Scandinavian School of Madrid is a Swedish school abroad with more than 65 years experience delivering Swedish education in a foreign environment

We offer programmes in preschool, primary and secondary. We have a Swedish and an English speaking section, both based on Scandinavian pedagogy and values.

The Swedish speaking section runs according to the Swedish curriculum. Students in the English speaking section follow a combination of the Cambridge programme and the National English Curriculum.

The School offers a guest student program for Upper Secondary students from Sweden. Students spend one school year with us, accommodated in Spanish families.


About 15 nationalities are represented and 40% of the students have more than one nationality. About half of the students are of Nordic origin.

The staff to student ratio is high and the School is small and family oriented. Each child is treated as unique and receives the necessary attention according to his/her level of maturity.

Emphasis is placed on linguistic development with tuition in Swedish, English, Spanish, Norwegian, Danish, German and French. Native Spanish students receive complementary education following the Spanish National curriculum and receive a Spanish “Titulo Bachillerato”.

The School also has a music profile and students have the opportunity to participate in extra music classes.

Welcome to our School!



News/Coming Up

Launch of Sixth Form

In September this year we will lanch Sixth Form, the British equivalent of the Spanish bachillerato.



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