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The Swedish Curricula


The Swedish speaking section and part of the English speaking section in the Scandinavian School in Madrid run according to the Swedish national curriculum, the Swedish Education Act, course syllabi and other steering documents. The School is accredited by the school authorities in Norway, Finland and Denmark to offer the Swedish curricula.


We work according to Scandinavian pedagogy which are child/student and learner centred. We work with mixed-age groups with individualised tuition.



Follow the links below to download the Swedish national curriculum (scroll down and open the pdf files).

Curriculum for the pre-school Lpfö 98 updated 2010

Curriculum for the compulsory school system, the pre-school class and the leisure-time centre 2011

Curriculum for Gymnasiet 2011 (only in Swedish)



Comparison between educational systems


Starting in 2014 we are changing the naming of our classes to coincide with the British school system. Year 1 becomes Year 2 and so on. To underline that this is a gradual change we will call the year groups by both their old and new name during academic year 2014-15.

Children in the same class are born in the same calendar year.  This is standard practise in Sweden, Spain and many other countries. Children born in January are the oldest in the class.

In the UK, children are grouped by academic year, i.e children born in September are the oldest in the class.


News/Coming Up

Launch of Sixth Form

In September this year we will lanch Sixth Form, the British equivalent of the Spanish bachillerato.



Informationsmöte om gymnasiet
Parent survey - results

English Immersion at the Scandinavian School of Madrid




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