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Mission and Vision


We have a vision that

The Scandinavian School shall be a school that both young people and adults look forward to coming to, A school to be proud of, A school that encourages lifelong learning



Our mission was created by a group of parents, staff and board members and reflects our most important values.

Our school offers an education based on a Scandinavian educational philosophy. With head and heart we help students reach their full potential and become happy, responsible citizens in a changing world.

Head: We inspire in our students happiness, creativity and a desire for lifelong learning. We encourage them to think for themselves and express their own opinions.

Heart: We teach our students to respect differences in people’s views and show empathy for the situation of others.  We give them tools to understand the long term effects of their actions.



We aim to reach the following goals from the Swedish curricula.



The school should strive to ensure that all students:


  • Develop their ability to consciously form and express ethical standpoints based on knowledge and personal experiences,
  • Respect the intrinsic value of other people,
  • Reject the oppression and abusive treatment of other people and assist in supporting them,
  • Can empathise with and understand the situation other people are in and also develop the will to act with their best interests at heart,
  • Show respect and care for the immediate environment as well as for the environment in a wider perspective.




The school should strive to ensure that all students:


  • Develop a sense of curiosity and the desire to learn,
  • Develop their own individual way of learning,
  • Develop confidence in their own ability,
  • Feel a sense of security and learn to consider and show respect in their dealings with others,
  • Learn to carry out research, learn and work independently and together with others,
  • Strengthen the habit of independently formulating standpoints based not only on knowledge but also on rational and ethical considerations,
  • Acquire good knowledge in school subjects and subject areas, to develop themselves and prepare for the future,
  • Develop a rich and varied vocabulary and understand the importance of cultivating it, Learn to communicate in foreign languages,
  • Learn to listen, discuss, reason and use their knowledge as a tool to formulate and test assumptions as well as solve problems,
  • Reflect over experiences and critically examine and value statements and relationships and  acquire sufficient knowledge and experience to be able to make well considered choices over further education and vocational orientation.




The school should strive to ensure that all students:


  • Take personal responsibility for their studies and working environment, gradually exercise increasingly greater influence over their education and the internal work of the school and
  • Have an understanding of democratic principles and develop their ability to work in democratic forms.




The school should strive to ensure that all students:


  • Acquire sufficient knowledge and experience in order to:
    • be able to examine different options and make decisions on questions concerning their own futures,
    • gain insight into their immediate society, its working and cultural life as well as its organisational activities and
    • be informed about opportunities for further education in Sweden and in other countries.




News/Coming Up

Launch of Sixth Form

In September this year we will lanch Sixth Form, the British equivalent of the Spanish bachillerato.



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