Home Letter



The school year 2013/14 has come to an end an so my first year of work at the Scandinavian School.
As usual, when you have fun, time passes very quickly.

What has happened? The English section has been accredited by both NEASC and CIS and we have been approved by NABBS. As you all know there’s a lot of work behind this. The English section’s project is now to introduce a new curriculum. That is something that the Swedish section implemented 2011.

In the Swedish section’s elementary school we’ve worked conscientiously throughout the school year to improve the Swedish-speaking pupils’ Swedish. Languages changes and if you aren’t exposed to a language daily in different ways, the language can be less rich than if you live in the country where the language is spoken. Teachers have deliberately combined immersion with various Swedish cultural elements such as literature and movies.

It’s impossible to tell you about everything that has happened here, but I hope that you have participated in our various activities and received information from your child's classes.

Both students and parents answered a survey with different questions about what you think about the school. We have not yet compiled it, but we will report the results at the beginning of next term.

Approaching the two sections is a great goal, but as I often say, there is more in common than there is different, despite the different curriculum. The teachers have many good suggestions on collaboration for next year. We will return to this further on.

Now we’ll all get summer holidays and when we come back we will have a new floor on the primary school building. The barracks will remain for a period but will be removed in the end. In autumn, some improvements are to be made in other premises and our little worn out school will get a cleaning up.

Finally, I want to wish you all a fantastic summer and thank you all for your cooperation.

Åsa Dunér



PS. Remember that the school starts September 8 at 9 am.