Home Letter



During March and early April, almost all classes of both sections have been dedicated to the International Week preparing a presentation on the country the class itself has chosen. This is a tradition at the school - very positive tradition. Today, Friday March 28, I had the privilege, for the first time, to follow a group on a tour to the different countries. "My" group consisted of students from different classes. Today we were in Norway, Finland, Portugal, Greece and Vietnam. Students from Förskoleklass/Reception to År 5/Y7 have been presenting these countries to us. Next week we travel to Russia, China and Greenland.

All students have their own passport which they deliver in each country where they get a stamp.

Behind every country is a huge work done by the students who have sought for information, written texts, rehearsed presentations and prepared maps and fun activities, etc. The presentations are alternated in Swedish, Spanish and English. I am impressed with the ability of each teacher to engage and involve students in this great project and of course impressed with all students. Projects like this are very important as part of our mission - to be one school - with a common culture.

During the months of January-March, the Board has developed a basis for deciding if we are building this summer. This is a great effort because you we have to apply for permits, develop drawings to meet our future classroom needs, and last but not least, the issue of funding. But we are approaching the end of the process, and will soon decide if the construction starts. We expect the extension to be ready for the start of the school year and we have invited the Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel of Sweden to the inauguration, which we hope to combine with the 70th anniversary of the school. We look forward to the confirmation of the royal couple.

Kind regards,

Åsa Dunér