Home Letter



Dear students and parents of the Scandinavian school,


We have reached the end of another term. The fall term began with new teachers and new classrooms for several classes and some were finally able to leave the barracks and move to our beautiful new facility. Although we had to endure some construction work during the beginning of the term, everyone has shown great patience. Thank you!


As usual, the school has given several concerts that cheer us up and our musical profile is, as I understand, unusual and unique. Many of you parents have expressed how satisfied you are with it. We also know that, according to research, the practice of music can facilitate the learning of subjects as maths.


As a Swede I am, I tend to follow the ceremony of the Nobel Prizes in Stockholm each year, and all interviews with the winners of the awards. Many of them often tell that, in addition to their research in natural sciences, they play various instruments. So musicality and genius can go hand in hand.


What is also interesting is the balance between theoretical studies and practical activities. Research shows that children can learn in multiple ways. For some it is easier to acquire knowledge through reading texts. Others need more specific tasks, to do, to see or to feel.


But what all research shows is that the most important is the interaction of each teacher with the student. A teacher who observes, encourages, challenges and believes in each student means everything. In the Scandinavian school I can daily see all teachers doing it and this is the best guarantee for your children.


Thank you for this term and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Åsa Dunér