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Welcome to the Scandinavian School in Madrid!


india - show singing
india - show singing
egypt - shown by the first farao
iceland - not just ice
usa - learning about the usa
sweden - audience show
india - show paulina
guatemala - handicraft
guatemala - show
sweden - what do you know about sweden - pippi
guatemala - traditional clothing
egypy - show
brazil - show 2
quatar - a big desert
japan - beautiful mountain and childrens name in japanses
usa - show cowboy
japan - geishas
japan - sudoku
brazil - show
qatar - show alex
egypt - nico with his name in hieroglyphics
india - big elephant
india -tasting indian food
guatemala boys
japan - show
guatemala - ambassador
sweden  - where have you been
qatar - show
guatemala girls
egypt - farmers house

News/Coming Up

Christmas bazaar 13/12/2014

Vacancy - Maternity Cover Preschool

The Scandinavian School of Madrid is looking for a native English speaker (or equivalent) to work as assistant in the preschool (4 years old) from January 2015.

Christmas concerts

05/12/2014: 4pm



NEW English Immersion Programme


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