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This year we are participating in the:

Vicente Ferrer Foundation – SCHOOL-TO-SCHOOL PROGRAMME


Promote critical reflections among Primary teachers and students through an educational programme that addresses inequality, poverty and North-South relations in India, brining a concrete reality of India to the classroom where values and social justice are highlighted.

Enhance and strengthen attitudes and values of solidarity among the students by learning about the reality of two different cultures (Indian and Spanish).


Year 6 Swedish section, Years 3, 4 and 5 English speaking section



  • We will be assigned a class in India with whom we will share experiences about everyday life in Spain.
  • The theme of the interchange is this year the Environment.
  • During the autumn term (11 Oct), representatives will visit our school to introduce the programme and various resources to work with.
  • Following the introduction, the selected classes will work on a dossier (album) with images, drawings, text etc about their life in Spain and in particular the Environment. The dossier is sent to the assigned school in India.
  • In April, we will visit a moving exhibition about “Mujeres, la fuerza del cambio en la India”.
  • Towards the end of the school year we will receive a dossier prepared by our assigned class in India sharing their experiences and thoughts.



Vicente Ferrer Foundation is a development NGO which works to improve living conditions of the most disadvantaged groups of people in India. The organisation works to raise awareness of the Spanish public and collect funds to ensure its independence and continuation.  For more details see http://www.fundacionvicenteferrer.org/en/.