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Swedish syllabus


The Swedish government draws up the compulsory school syllabuses whilst the National Agency for Education draws up syllabuses for upper secondary, based on the programme objectives.


The syllabuses are designed to make clear what all pupils should learn.  At the same time as they provide a wide scope for teachers and pupils to choose their own materials and methods to attain the national goals. They set the qualitative knowledge to be developed and provide the framework within which the choice of educational materials and working methods are to be defined locally. This means that in each school and in each class, the teacher uses his or her professional knowledge and skills to interpret the national syllabi. Together with the pupils the teacher plans and evaluates the teaching on the basis of the pupil‘s preconditions, experiences, interests and needs.

You can find the syllabuses in part 3 of the new Swedish Curriculum.



Syllabuses for Years 1-9



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In September this year we will lanch Sixth Form, the British equivalent of the Spanish bachillerato.



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