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English Immersion at the Scandinavian School of Madrid


The programme is called English as an Additional Language (EAL), and it runs from Years 1 up to Year 11, where tuition is given in small groups led by specialist teachers. Attention is focused on helping students acquire the English language skills that they need for successful academic achievement, with the aim of integrating them fully into the regular curriculum as soon as they are prepared.

This programme is formed by three levels of classes:

- Immersion (8 lessons per week);

- Intensive (5 lessons per week) and

- EAL (3 lessons per week).

All lessons are 40 minutes long and are given during the regular school day. Lesson times are chosen to allow students to participate in the regular curriculum as fully as possible. Classes are small, allowing individualized tuition, and students are constantly evaluated in their progress toward the goal of full integration into the Cambridge international curriculum.

The programme has proven to be highly successful and a great way for students to improve their confidence and mastery of the English language.

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English Immersion at the Scandinavian School of Madrid




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