Music Profile


At the Scandinavian School in Madrid we have been running a Music Profile for the last two years.


All children in preschool have two music sessions per week.  One session is in Swedish or English depending on in which section the child is in. The second session is in Spanish.  In the Spanish lesson, children from the Swedish and English speaking section are mixed and work together.


We strive for the child to develop:


- motor skills, coordination, and body image

- feeling of beat and rhythm

- language; vocabulary and concepts

- feel accepted / secure and with strong self-esteem / trust

- the ability to listen and express themselves

- the joy of singing and playing with other children


We work with these aims by learning songs in different languages, dancing and moving to music, playing rhythmic instruments, doing simple massage and relaxation exercises and playing different kinds of music games.


All children in preschool perform during Lucia, Christmas and at the end of the school year.


Preschool classes performing during Walpurgis


In primary and secondary school pupils from Year 3 and up-wards have the opportunity to participate in extra music lessons.  The course is structured in a way so that everyone plays together in ensemble-playing, choral-singing, guitar or keyboard groups.


All students participate from the level they have achieved here at school or from elsewhere. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or "semi-professional"; we learn together from the level we are at.


We use everything we have learned during the semester in various events arranged by the school, such as the Christmas Bazaar, Lucia, UN day, ceremonies, concerts, etc.



The Scandinavian School offers:


- Choir

- Ensemble playing

- Guitar groups

- Keyboard groups

- Performance




News/Coming Up

Launch of Sixth Form

In September this year we will lanch Sixth Form, the British equivalent of the Spanish bachillerato.



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